It is our business paradigma to not restrict ourselves to certain products or technologies. We develop solutions fitting to our customers needs, not to single products.

On the other hand we do have prefered general platforms that are flexible, reliable and maintainable to be used as a basis for our development. Especially the following frameworks we use in many projects:

MS Windows Server and Networks

Glentana Informatik GmbH has been working for more than 12 years in Microsoft Windows Networks. In different migration projects we developed large networks. Specific solutions developed by Glentana gave customised access to Active Directory records, monitored printing and group memberships or monitored certain configuraton items.

MS SQL Server

For many years we use MS SQL Server as database to store large amounts of data like system monitoring events. With Stored Procedures we optimized data access and transformation in different, complex scenarios.

.Net Framework

We are convinced that the .Net Framework finally became an efficient, stable and flexible programming framework. Most of our recent developments are based on that platform.

Web Technologies

SOAP based WebServices provide a flexible interface to deliver data in heterogenous environments. With focus on serivces rather than on applications this technology delivers the flexible interface to the different data sources.

Sharepoint or Windows Sharepoint Services build a platform to create modern intranet solutions to cover different processes in one portal. A sufficient interface provides the required access to other data sources.


Perl playes an important role outside Windows environment. Less known is the fact that Perl also creates a powerful tool in MS Windows networks. Beside other applications, Glentana Informatik GmbH developed complex solutions in network monitoring based on Perl.