Most of Glentanas solutions are developed in the audit, tax & advisory field of business.

The following list gives you an impression about the scale and focus of projects Glentana Informatik GmbH worked on in the last few years.

Server Lifecycle Management

For our main customer, the German head office of one of the leading international tax, audit and advisory companies, we have developed in recent years a lifecycle management system for Windows Server systems.

The system supports various aspects of server management.


All events of all logs of more than 300 servers can be monitored and assessed at a single master terminal.
Configurable activities such as sending of emails or messaging are triggered
automatically upon the occurrence of predefined system events.



A system component is capable of
querying configurable system information. The task is triggered centrally and
executed locally by the system monitored. Thus the time required to update
extensive inventory data (including patch level) on several hundred servers is
reduced to less than 30 minutes.


Reporting on extensive inventory data takes place based on a flexible front-end component, allowing quick setup of custom reports. An extension based on MSSQL Reporting services is currently under development.

The system was further enhanced by the addition of various other components. This includes interfaces to Active Directory and the central inventory administration as well as monitoring of membership in security-relevant network groups.

Billing Systems

In IT outsourcing setups the tracking of resource usage and the calculation of costs based on users are essential instruments of accounting for total IT costs. In this area we developed systems addressing the following issues:

Document Management

Glentana developed routines to migrate data into an Interwoven DM System. The whole process of data migration is journalised in a database to proof the correctness of the migration.

The MS Outlook interface was extended by our solution to make additional functionality accessible to the user.

A service was developed by Glentana to automate the creation of folder structures and to schedule time consuming operations.