Glentana Informatik GmbH

Every IT in a productive environment has to be justified at the business processes.
This is the starting point from where we develop the solution that will be a reliable part of the IT basement of your company.

Benefit from long time grown experience in IT consulting for large and enterprise networks
Almost fifteen years of experience in national and international computer networks are guarantee for sustainable, long lasting project results in robust quality.

ITIL certified IT-Service Management

ITIL certification is a key features we bring in to work on the high quality IT Service Management Solution you need in your IT infrastructure.
Profound broad range IT knowledge and long practical experience in the main fields of modern IT infra structure complete our expertise. 

What makes us different?

Imagine: An IT consultant would be able to see a problem with a programmers eyes. He would customize your solution based on the given programming interfaces without starting a new "project in the project". He would also be able to trace problems down to programming level if needed.

Imagine: A programmer that would not asume unrestricted bandwidth and one server per user. He would have in mind that the program has to integrate in a productive enviroment with different restrictions, business rulwes and security policies.

What makes us different: We work on your solution. If it is a programmers or a consultants job depends only on the task. We deliver both. In top quality.


Our Portfolio

Analysis, Design, Implementation and Transition of IT services


Enterprise Application Integration


Process Modelling and Implementation


Document Management


Server Lifecycle Management